"When I was diagnosed with diabetes two and half years ago, I set off on my journey to learn as much as I could to heal my body as much as I can"

I wished that I would meet a doctor who understood the science of metabolic syndrome and who is progressive in treating this disease.

You are everything I had expected this doctor to be and I am very excited to be working under your care and guidance. I came away finally with a full understanding about diabetes (for now until further research comes out). I told my fiancé about what I learned from you and even he was blown away and he said that no doctor at Kaiser could have told me what I learned this morning. That it would take someone from Stanford to do that.

Our strategy is also ironic as I will be going back to the Induction phase of Atkins per se and it was what worked for me all those years ago! In spite of all the nay sayers, it worked and it will work again especially now that I need it to for the diabetes.

- S

"In mid-December of 2016 I experienced a personal crises with my Type II diabetes."

I was home alone one weekend and became very depressed thinking about my daughter’s family leaving the U.S. to go on the mission field. This would be my last Christmas with them for several years. In my depression, I binged on an entire bag of m&s;m’s. Afterwards, I was sitting, thinking about what I had just done and wondered what I had subjected my body to. I began to research on my iphone about extremely high blood sugars and found out how dangerous it was and how I could truly do much damage to myself and even go into a coma and die. According to the American Diabetes Association, blood sugars more than 240 can cause ketoacidosis -- a condition where the body starts using fat for energy. Ketoacidosis can lead to coma and death. My glucose meter showed me over 600 – off the chart of my meter.

I became very mad at myself for doing this and determined to do “something” about my diabetes. I spent several hours researching more on my iphone on controlling and treating Type II diabetes. In this researching, I came across several references to Dr. Jason Fung and his book “The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended”. I found that book on Amazon in kindle format and purchased it and began reading it immediately. I was very impressed with his research and how he had been treating his diabetic patients and achieving what could be considered “cures” of their diabetes. I read his statement that “Intermittent Fasting was like bariatric surgery without the knife” and this statement struck home.

I was very obese with a BMI of 41 and my endocrinologist had suggested I consider bariatric surgery. He was prepared to send me to the Cleveland Institute for the surgery since I was high risk. I have a bone marrow disorder that causes me to produce too many platelets and the platelets I produce are not normal – which makes me a stroke risk. A few years earlier, I had major abdominal surgery to fix a rather large hernia and I threw a clot after the surgery which caused me to have a stroke. The stroke was one that caused lots of mental confusion and forgetfulness and it took me over a year to recover my math skills and ability to multi-task (I was very lucky). I had decided to not choose any more elective surgery because of my risk of additional strokes.

When I read Dr. Fung’s statement about “Bariatric surgery without the knife” I decided I could do this and achieve weight loss and control of my diabetes through Intermittent Fasting. The next day I began to fast. I was injecting over 184 units of insulins each day for my diabetes which even with these amounts was very uncontrolled. I had an average bgl of well over 200. The 2nd day of my fasting I experienced a low bgl of 50-60 during the night and had to take my rescue tablets to bring my bgl up. I had no idea how to dose myself – how to reduce my insulins and how to control my diabetes while trying to fast. I was very fortunate to find a group on Facebook named “WeFast – an intermittent fasting community based out of California”. I joined this group and began to read posts and ask questions from the many fasters and members of the group. 4 days later, I met Dr. Manuel Lam (Doc Manny) a member of the group and began to converse with him online. He was very helpful to those asking questions in the group and became interested in my attempts to Intermittent Fast for my diabetes. He agreed to mentor me and help me in my struggles with how much insulin I should be injecting.

I was so happy to have Dr. Lam’s advice and during the next couple of months I never experienced another diabetic low, and I began to get my blood glucose levels under control finally. In two months, I had lost 20 pounds and essentially reduced my injection of Novalog (my fast acting insulin) to zero, and was simply injecting a minimum amount of Lantus (my long acting insulin) each night. I was so excited and pumped with this success. My bloodwork showed improvements in my cholesterol numbers and my blood pressure was much reduced at a checkup in the 2nd month of my fasting efforts. Dr. Lam is a great encourager and has advised me to continue on my IF (Intermittent Fasting) journey to eventually cure my insulin resistance. Dr. Lam is always there when I have questions and to talk about the science behind Intermittent Fasting (IF) and its benefits.

I have continued this journey in the months since then and have lost another 10 pounds, my BMI is now 39 (which makes me ineligible for bariatric surgery according to one of my other docs). I have been learning more and more about IF and practicing a ketogenic diet and its benefits. While I still need to inject my insulins at times, I have reduced the overall amounts and have only had to purchase one prescription refill this entire year. I have a goal to lose more weight and get out of the wheelchair I have been in for 3 years. I also have a goal to cure my insulin resistance and my Type II diabetes completely. Dr. Lam is convinced that I can do this and I believe him.

- Shirley

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